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Amble & Sketch Online

Open Call


‘Collective amble and sketch’ 


In Collaboration with Rachel Hogg


An opportunity to meet together with other postgraduate artists online and enjoy the outdoors. Collectively discovering local wildlife through walking and exploring different approaches to drawing. With the potential to turn collective drawings and experiences of ‘Amble & Sketch’ into a collective online or printed publication. Open to all art postgraduate students of all visual art practices.


Date: Every other Monday on Zoom

Timings: 1pm till 5:30pm 


Event Schedule 


  • 1pm- Meet on Zoom for introduction and drawing brief.

  • 1:30-4:30pm- Go for an amble in your local area and sketch the things you find using a variety of materials to draw with, following the optional drawing brief.

  • 4:30 till 5:30pm- Meet on Zoom collectively share artworks and experience of ambling and sketching.





















Resource list


  • Sketchbook.

  • Something to draw with such as graphite pencil, coloured pencils, ink pens, bamboo stick, chalk-coal. 

  • Rubber.

  • Sharpener.


Drawing Brief


Taking your sketchbook and drawing materials take a walk in your local area and have ago at drawing some of the following.


  1. Find and draw something that is over looked.

  2. Find and draw something manmade being taken over by the natural elements.

  3. Explore layering drawings on top of each other.

  4. Try drawing with your opposite hand. 

  5. Draw the intricate textures of the different things you find on your walk.

  6. Do a drawing made up of shadows.

  7. What kinds of animals and insects are near by? Draw them in movement.

  8. Try drawing something by touch and not sight. Hold a leaf or twig in your hands and draw it with your eyes closed.

  9. Be still and listen to the noises around you. What can you hear? Draw the sounds that you hear.

  10. Draw the movements of the clouds or what the wind would look like as a drawing.

  11. Find different natural materials from your walk and create a drawing using their pigments.

  12. If you were to imagine a new plant that had never been discovered before what would it look like? 


Additionally you could document your experience of ‘Amble and Sketch’ in a written article or recording your experience through video or audio which could be included with drawings in a future publication.

What we got up to!


By Amanda

By Jo
By Ana
By Amanda
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